Patricia "Quility" Zetelumen (quility) wrote in lightenupiowa,
Patricia "Quility" Zetelumen

double check in

For the week of 5/17-5/23:
Weight lost this week: 0
Total Loss: +2
Activity Minutes: 335 min (185 min biking, 90 min yoga, and 60 min swimming)
Goal for this week: Not gain too much at Heartland.

For the week of 5/24-5/30
Weight lost this week: 1
Total Loss: +1
Activity Minutes: 420 min (15 min biking, 270 min walking, 120 min other, and 15 min swimming)
Goal for this week: Break the sugar addiction.

I can't believe I lost a pound this week. I completely went off my dietary restrictions while at the Pagan festival. I had chocolate for breakfast one day!!

But maybe it's muscle I lost - b/c I walked around a lot - but it wasn't very strenuous - except the dancing around the bonfire parts.

I guess we will see how my body reacts to getting back into eaty healthy stuff.
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