Patricia "Quility" Zetelumen (quility) wrote in lightenupiowa,
Patricia "Quility" Zetelumen

Health site

I just joined this site for free:

I'm sending invites to those of you I have email addresses for.

My sister has been using the site for a few weeks and she said she feels like she is gaining a better idea of what is actually going into her body and how that fits into her goals.

So far I've really only used the nutrition page and so far I'm impressed. I have been frustrated by sites that recommend #s of servings or # of calories but don't give any toold for tracking them. I have just entered what I ate yesterday (had to use the "Add a food not listed" button) and I have a much better idea of why my weight is doing what it is doing.

Anyway - I think it could be a good tool - so I'd let you all know about it.
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