Patricia "Quility" Zetelumen (quility) wrote in lightenupiowa,
Patricia "Quility" Zetelumen


Weight lost this week: 2
Total Loss: 1
Cardio - so far so good

Yes - now that lightenupiowa is over - I FINALLY drop below my starting weight! Sorry guys - I was hoping to contribute to the weight lost # - but it didn't happen. But yay for this week!

I'm glad ppl like - I will pass along your thanks to my sister who introduced me to it.

I want to keep using this check-in with you guys as a motivator - but I'm not sure what parts I want to keep using. I started out with the goal of being more healthy and as a side benefit I lost weight... but I gotta admit that now that I've gotten this far - I like the idea of losing the final 20 lbs needed to be my "ideal weight."

So I guess I'll just track that here. And maybe just say whether or not I'm sticking to my cardio goals on sparkpeople. (so far so good)

I'm not sure how I feel about including goals here - I think my goal is to follow the sparkpeople plan... so no real need to post about it other than to be accountable as to whether I'm doing it or not.

I do have a question about sparkpeople - do any of you know a way to enter a standard daily meal? it seems silly to enter, egg, toast, oatmeal, banana, apple, + peanut butter for my daily breakfast and lunch - EVERY day - when it's almost always the same.

I'm glad we are sticking with this! Go Us!!
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