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Lighten Up Iowa

Whirlwind Squad

Lighten Up Iowa 2006
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Lighten Up Iowa is a team based program designed to help make positive changes during the course of five months to help them move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Lighten Up Iowa will encourage participants during the program by giving them physical activity ideas and tips on healthy eating and proper nutrition.

Lighten Up Iowa is slated to begin on January 18, 2006 and conclude on May 31.

Your team leader should have your starting weight. Once per week you will be asked to report your weight lost and activity minutes completed. At no time should you feel obligated to post your current weight if that makes you uncomfortable.


What is included with my entry? For ONLY $10 per person each member on your team will receive:

* Lighten Up Iowa training T-shirt
* Personal nutrition/physical activity tracking log
* Free entry into the Iowa Games fitness walk and volkswalk
* Weekly nutrition and physical activity tips
* Monthly incentives and prizes